Molitánek, it is all foam construction system for children. It is a polyurethane foam of various shapes, which is inserted in a colored coating that can be easily removed and washed. There are either:- the parts
- whole sets
- toys
- accessories Imagination limits in use and combining with no boundaries. If you do not, however, limited to ready-made solutions or have specific requirements, we will prepare the entire solutions.


Foam kits not only helps children develop motor skills, imagination, perception of colors and shapes, but also positively affects their mood. Therefore, it is appropriate to complement the interior of their rooms, or play rooms or kindergartens.Children then also provides entertainment at that enhance their creativity, while increasing safety while playing. Foam kits are available in different sizes, colors, types and materials, making it adapts perfectly to your needs and requirements.


When processing of our products, we place great emphasis on quality workmanship, and the materials used. The guarantee for our products is:- quality workmanship
- wholesome materials
- made in Czech Republic
- functional and playful designBasis of the quality PUR foam and removable coatings, due to our products are:- suitable for allergy sufferers
- easy maintenance